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Hittite University, Turkey
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Sat?lm?? BASAN has completed his PhD at the age of 35 years from Hacettepe Univesity and postdoctoral studies from Glasgow University, Department of Chemistry and Akron University, Department of Polymer Engineering. He is the Head of Department of Chemical Engineering, Hittite University, the Founder Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Hittite University, Editor in Chief, Journal of the Turk?sh Chemical Society, Section B: Chemical Engineering. He has published more than 26 papers in reputed journals.


Steel cords like nylon or polyester cords are one of the most important component of tire in industry. The adhesion strength between these cords and the rubber depends on the surface properties of the cords which is the main component of tyres. Adhesion property can be varied by various modifications of surface of steel cords. One of various modifications of surface is roughen of the cord surface by irradiation. In our previous study, it has previously investigeted the effect of suface properties of the UV-laser irradiated nylon cord on adhesion. In this study, steel cords which are the most important additives, are irradiated with UV excime laser with different pulses and fluences and roughened with the effect of laser beam on the surface. The presence of the shagginess was examined via optic microscopy and then, adhesion properties of the natural rubber tyre after adding UV Laser beamed steel cords was observed via measuring their tensile strengths. Maximum elongation load, stress at break, elongation at break, change of modulus properties with pulse and fluence are examined. The results showed that the load, stress, elongation and tension at break point is increased up to 300 pulse, and then decreased. Also modulus decreased up to 300 pulse and then increased.

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