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"Instituto de Assistência Médica ao Servidor Público Estadual" (IAMSPE), Brazil
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John O Roberts graduated in 1969 with a BSc (Hons) Physics from The University of Liverpool. He has been an Open University Tutor for 30 years and a private tutor of Math and Science. He is the author of the book Those Infinities and the Periodic Table (ISBN 978-0-9934667-3-


The patterns of stable quantum states in the Periodic Table are inverted and extended to infinity in both directions to accommodate spatial variation relative to the nucleus. The upper end leads to a cut off point for white matter. The lower end represents quantum states in plasma. At 10-15m to 10-20m the interaction between weak strong and gravity forces results in suitable boundary conditions for the production of elementary particles. Chemical classification of the elements requires convergence of chemical properties and quantum states. By defining GROUP NUMBER as the maximum number of electrons in any one shell, Hydrogen and Helium are moved to the first set of 2(1)2 states first proposed by Janet. The atomic numbers are adjusted and mass number removed as it is an average of isotopes of each element produced in every supernova. This produces the Roberts Janet Nuclear Periodic Table which proposes two zero states, a cut off and start point, of the electric field in attractive then repulsive modes. By symmetry of these fields energy states emerge in plasma with the counter intuitive property that the nearer the nucleus the greater the number of energy states. Fusion results and the consequential recycling implies a more rapid collapse than supernovae given sufficient energy density that could create an as yet unobserved interaction at 10-50m to 10-65m between the strong and gravity forces. String theory and extra dimensions may be required to explain such mechanisms and multiverses.

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